River of three crossing

Artist: Namrata Kaushik | Nam 24

Painting Story

Originating from the Chinese Buddhism, the concept of the River of Three Crossing, depicts a river that people are said to cross on the seventh day after their death. 

The river has 3 crossing points’ a bridge, a ford, and a spot where there is only deep serpent-infested water. 

Where one crosses depends on the weight of one’s offenses while alive. Those who performed acts of good while alive cross over a bridge adorned with seven precious substances. Those, whose deeds are even, cross at ford, whereas those who commit great evil must go through the serpent infested water. 

The most interesting point about this concept is on the bank of a male and a female demon dwell. The female demon strips the dead of their clothes and the mae demon hangs the clothes on a branch of a tree to determine the weight of their offenses. 

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